Enter a course number to see all classes offered ( i.e. Limited campus entry procedures are now in place. Note: To receive 25 hours of instruction in the State of Oregon, please ensure your school is eligible to issue professional development units, and that the course is approved by your professional learning coordinator. But don’t just go in blind: Combine online courses with other methods of learning for an optimal experience. World language courses address speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. The scenarios with the ongoing characters throughout the course proved to be very helpful as well, providing real life situations to use Spanish. You can take a single class online or as many as you want. For additional assistance, visit our, Enhancing Language Development in Childhood. She taught Spanish and English as a Second Language at the high school and community college levels for over 10 years. Learn more about this instructor on our blog. Cultural studies include social amenities and exposure to Hispanic art, music and history. Tuition Information: State tuition applies. Her illustrations and examples helped my language acquisition and desire to keep learning. Enter the 4-digit item number of a specific class ( i.e. border: 0px; If you need to assist a student in the cafeteria or on the playground, you will have lots of helpful words at your fingertips after this lesson. We are VERY beginners and unsure of our Spanish skills, but he kept encouraging us to keep trying. Develop your beginning Spanish speaking ability with basic grammar, verb conjugation and pronunciation. Supercharge your Spanish sentences with new power words! In this lesson, you will strengthen your communication skills with a host of new adjectives that will come in handy both in and out of the classroom. Thank you. Topics include greetings, family, and leisure activities vocabulary and the present tense. In this lesson, you will learn the Spanish words for a rainbow of colors and find out how to count all the way up to 199—all while learning fun facts about the culture of Latin America. If you've been looking to learn Spanish free online, you've come to the right place. Connect to community instructors while you explore new interests, develop skills, and further your passion to learn. … Our hours for customer service support are 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. You will understand what it's like on the first day of school and words relating to enrolling new students, conversing in the classroom, talking about rules and behavior, and basic vocabulary for various academic subjects.