Glaze the object. And also very important!!! This method requires some understanding about its application for good results. You need to choose a product to seal the tarnish-able leaf that will not itself cause tarnishing. comment on this? Ammonia will tarnish copper, the predominant metal in imitation gold leaf. Imitation Silver Leaf is available in booklets of Loose Leaf and Transfer Leaf, each leaf measuring 140mm x 140mm. I guess I just like shiny stuff! Oil on metal leaf should dry just as fast as on other substrates. protect the metal leaf from getting scratched What do you think? The average is about 3 days. It enables the painting to be cleaned, and adds UV protection. I was just reading on Golden’s website that If painting on top with oils you need both steps – the MSA varnish to seal the leaf and the polymer medium to seal the varnish from solvents. Article on gold leaf by GOLDEN. I had used Mona Lisa silver leaf on the bottom third of the piece and it looked great after sealing, so it's this particular leaf that is the problem. compound, and painted over it with the same day? Sealing the metal with the solvent-based varnish before applying acrylics solves this problem. Do not use this water-based varnish product over oil paint. Julie has been editor of the Jackson's Art Blog for 10 years. out and want to paint in acrylics and use Post-Paint Sealing is a good idea because it provides a protective coat to seal over your finished painting. days. ,fountain etc set in a resort) and wanting When choosing thickness I would think about what goes underneath it – for example, glass needs a thicker leaf as it is far easier to see imperfections, pin prick holes, etc., whereas a yellow gesso or paint base wouldn’t necessarily need to account for this. We stock gold and silver leaf, genuine and imitation, from our specialist gilding partner A.S. Handover. After you have applied your gilding and let it cure you then apply one or two types of sealer and you are ready to paint. If the ink smears or rubs off when you touch it. If you (1) READ this article, and (2) Experiment on a surface you don’t care about BEFORE working on your actual piece, you will get best results. Some people cannot use solvent-based products because they are toxic and so I am providing an alternative here. or rubbed off? paper and acrylic parts. Your email address will not be published. All metal leaf should be sealed before beginning your painting. areas where the adhesive was applied but Whites, some blacks and crimsons can take up to 10 days to touch dry, longer if thickly applied. metal foil under AND over the paint as I go In expert circles, names such as Schlagmetal (German) or Dutch Gold is widely used instead of the common name of imitation. imitation gold over certain spots. I have added more information to the article for oil painters The varnish should still be used to seal the leaf as it doesn’t tarnish the leaf when applied. 6. If you seal it before all the paint has dried all the way through, the bottom of your layer will still be soft and if sealed it will not be able to absorb oxygen to dry and form the hard stable film you require. How metallic foils can change color during the baking process. Am of a pigment-based ink jet print. If there are any discrepancies between my article and theirs, know that I have fully tested and verified everything I wrote here. If using real gold leaf you do not have to worry about any of the cautions I am mentioning here, about tarnishing. Both brass (Imitation Gold) and copper will tarnish, so sealing these with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax or Lacquer is essential or they may dis-colour over time. with a gold leaf thats okay, but still nt perfect. Do you have any thoughts on the Yes this should work. Also because it is an impermeable layer I suspect paints may not adhere to it very well long term. And please scroll down for supply lists and resources. 5. conflict of what things to use. That is because this is where you can accidentally tarnish the leaf using the wrong sealer and the wrong sealing application process. Julie is also a professional artist, a recent graduate of the 2-year Turps Studio Painting Programme and previously studied at Camberwell College of Art. Silithus 100 Sheets Imitation Gold Leaf for Art, Crafts Decoration,Decoration DIY, Gilding Crafting, Frames, 5.5 by 5.5 Inches (Gold) (Gold-2) 4.7 out of 5 stars 61 £6.47 The final step is to apply an acrylic sealant (such as Golden’s soft gel medium mixed with some water in a 2:1 ratio) to protect the gold leaf from getting scratched, damaged, or … Nancy. If you are painting with oil paint, there are some differences in the preparation process between acrylic and oil. To apply acrylic over it, lightly sand, then apply the water-based sealer over it as described above in Method 1 for best adhesion between the acrylic paint and sealer. The best way to tell if the size is solvent-based or water-based is to read product label instructions. This demonstration shows the basic technique of leafing with a composition gold leaf as well as the easy-to-use Simple Leaf from Mona Lisa. Since they are removable, wait two weeks after application for the coating to fully dry, then apply a permanent seal coat over it using the water-based sealer I mentioned above in Method 1. Perhaps JP say to seal it right away because they are concerned with preventing tarnishing. Sealing the leaf allows for over-painting with oil or acrylic without negatively affecting the leaf. Is there a video blog If it is it will say how to remove it on the can. I have just started Oil on canvas and Therefore, you may find some contradictions between my article and theirs. 10pcs 28mm Press & Seal Foam Cap Liners Safety Tampers Seals For Jar Bottle . Student grade oil paints usually have driers added to the slow drying colours to make all the colours in the range dry at the same rate. experimented with this? The benefit of using the adhesive method is that it will show some brush strokes, and therefore integrates better when used in a painting. then painting over it a little and varnishing Hi Karen, Request your advise please. varnish over the entire piece? their MSA varnish is meant as a top coat and Links for wood painting panels, METAL LEAF Links for metal leaf But the amount of tarnish that would occur in 2 or 3 days is negligible. A painting in transparent acrylics or oils on top of a panel covered in gold leaf, or another metal leaf, can glow with a shining light. and okay to use over the gold lead? This protective coat of sealer not only prevents oxidation is alsoinsures durability of the leaf, particularly in high traffic areas or for heavy use objects and furniture. Be aware that metal leaf is so thin that any texture underneath will show through, so you may wish to prepare the surface of your support to be as smooth as possible. This usually involves sealing over both leaf and paint, and adds an archival finishing coat when you use an archival varnish. There are two grades of Copper Leaf, a standard grade and an Italian grade which is of a slightly better quality. I’m pretty new to all this, so any tips would 8. Required fields are marked *. Allow the seal to dry for five hours. 1. canvas with gold prior to doing the bit of solvent) successfully? to seal the print first? What products do I need to buy to and applied genuine gold leaf to oil and acrylics. It should all work fine if you seal the imitation gold or it will tarnish because it is copper. If it is removable see special instructions in the next paragraph. If you are using imitation gold leaf along with acrylic paint, you must seal it before you apply any acrylic paint or acrylic products over the leaf.” Nancy’s process with acrylic involves adding paint and glazes in layers then sanding back and so she advises sealing the leaf surface first if you intend to do something similar as it protects the leaf from these abrasive techniques. Review this article to make sure you get the right product. Sealing with the MSA varnish prevents both kinds. Is using wall paint advisable silver leaf.. love the way it looks but the If left unsealed some metals will tarnish over time from exposure to air and some will not: Acrylic paint and mediums contain ammonia which will tarnish any leaf containing copper. adhere the metal foil, seal the foil ready to First check the label to see if it is permanent. Thanks so much. Just check the can’s instructions to make sure it is not removable. If you’ve seen my website and other blog articles, you probably figured out that I really really like gold leaf! We do not have the products you mention so cannot confirm their suitability for this purpose, but we will be right back on this! Everyone has a different idea in mind when using gold leaf so you need to decide which works best for you. This is described further in Step 8. Imitation Silver Leaf can be used both interior and exterior, however if using externally you will need to use an oil based size not the acrylic size included in the kit. 2. leaf then sealant over the tarnished leaf? With permanent sealers, two coats are recommended. Wow! Or would a layer of MSA? Have you This mixture of the two GAC mediums is a bit tricky to apply as you can see from the above information. Hello, days before varnishing. However it is a good final varnish product to use over acrylic paint and the sealed leaf. I would then like to use acrylic or Your email address will not be published. Many thanks. recommendations for a permanent (non-removable with The leaves are not near as thin as genuine gold leaves. Wear cotton gloves when handling to avoid tarnishing when working with silver or imitation gold, or rub talcum powder on your hands. wear gloves. I have listed the more detailed information below in Step 6 and Step 8 for each of these two sealing steps. Is one preferable over I on right track ? Read more. this? Acrylic Topcoat - Satin Dux Acrylic Topcoat is a non-reactive, premium water clear sealer for genuine and metal leaf. One involves a solvent-based varnish which is toxic and requires ventilation and proper protection. and on silver leaf it will look terrible. Be sure to use an oil-based size and test a bit to make sure it adheres. ... Metal Leaf in Imitation Gold and Copper require sealing to prevent tarnishing or oxidation. It has been 8 days and I Cost difference between gold metal leaf and the metal foil. There are two different types of gold leaf you can purchase – real gold leaf and imitation gold leaf. Thank you so much for this invaluable I haven’t as yet seen any examples of the liquid leaf tarnishing, the sealer is an extra protective layer.”. (505) 577-8447 I have long wanted to paint with oils on gilded panels and degrease the surface before starting and Apply undiluted to clean, dry surface, directly over and at least 2" beyond knots. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of art materials (majoring in oils and acrylics), she loves researching and writing pieces for the blog as she learns something new each time. That’s great to hear! One application method uses leaf adhesive (also called gilding size or leafing size) while the other method is called water gilding, and is more complicated to do. trying to assess all the options before committing to actual gold leaf with copper in it. Hi Lori After the gold leaf, I plan to apply a final I painted with oils over While I highly value the tech team at GOLDEN and their expert advice, I do not agree with everything listed in their linked article above. Wait longer if oil paint is applied thickly. showing this process? Composition Gold Leaf, also referred to as Imitation Gold Leaf, Dutch Metal, Dutch Gold or Schlagmetal, is imitation gold leaf made from brass and a combination of copper and zinc. Nancy Reyner is a professional fine-art painter with over 30 years experience using a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. Do not burnish without the wax paper in between your cloth and leaf or you will remove the leaf. Im just trying to work out why the GAC stage is needed inbetween provide a tooth for acrylic paint to adhere to. Your email address will not be published. Have you switched paints or used a different medium or painted more thickly? Hi Dee Dee In my video I demonstrate using the first option I listed – leaf adhesive. Post-Paint Sealing- final painting topcoat It’s a good idea to varnish paintings at the very end, even if you already sealed the leaf prior to painting. They are also removable, which means the layer can be removed for cleaning purposes in the future if needed. It is easier, with less risk of error, and provides the best protection for gold leaf – real or imitation. If you want to make the most of the shine of the metal it is best to use gloss. Thank you!! reply. You will need to do this whether you are overpainting with oil OR acrylic. I really appreciate your help and knowledge on this as I get to grips to leave my gold leaf substrates for 3 Please note that these instructions are for FINE ART PAINTINGS. I’ve been searching high and low for info on Watch video above for details & demonstrations, then read the following UPDATED INFORMATION. Is that the norm. Hi Nancy, I want use oil paints over copper leaf. £3.95. These two varnishes by Golden are what I use along with the application method described here. Oil paint takes six months or more to completely dry, so applying metal leaf on top of oil paint is not advised because the adhesive (gold size) will prevent the oil from finishing drying and making a stable structure. World Art). 5 watching. Then let it dry thoroughly, usually about three days or the curing time listed on the bottle of gold size, before sealing it in the next step. correct this? Important: DO NOT overpaint Golden’s MSA Varnish or their Archival Varnish with oil paint UNLESS you seal over the varnish with the mixture of GAC200 and GAC500 as instructed above. Brush apply one coat of the medium or medium mixture over the leaf using a smooth flat soft brush. the problem with shellac is that it can turn yellowed over time. I am planning on varnishing it and Cathy. a modern take on a tryptich type of Links for leaf adhesive: The way to tell is from the instruction label on the product container. the recommended sealer/varnish to Imitation Gold and Copper Metal Leaf are recommended for interior use only.   I just wanted to share my opinion. If you plan on a final varnish, a gloss varnish will keep the metallic shine the best. The procedure for painting on top of gold leaf, silver leaf or copper leaf – genuine or imitation metal leaf – is not as complicated as you might think. If you are used to using those then using an artist or professional grade paint for the first time might seem surprising. Once it becomes oxidized it has a uniformly dull and green cast. from other sources that this is adviseable. If painting in acrylic on a leaf with no copper in it (genuine gold 22-24ct, genuine or imitation silver) then you can seal it with a hard clear acrylic polymer medium in gloss. Remember to coat your hands with either cotton gloves or a layer of talcum powder when handling the gold leaf and this will minimise the risk of tarnishing on the new layer..and then always a layer of varnish over the top. until it cools down to a more These varnishes have UV protection in them, and one of the essential resins used in the varnishes can interfere with the drying process of any oil paint applied over it. If so, what would you I would be pleased for your advice. In summary, you can use either application method – water gilding or adhesive – with either type of leaf – real gold or imitation gold. Thanks for the input. Thanks Vicki If you overbrush, you will create a cloudy film that is permanent and ruins your leaf surface. The real thing—precious metal karat gold leaf—will always look like real gold because it is real gold. Rub the gold down firmly through a piece of paper or cloth. It depends if you are painting in oil or Unlike imitation gold leaf, real gold leaf will not tarnish, but sealing is still recommended so it won’t get harmed while painting. thank you Best .Vijay. Imitation gold leaf or genuine gold leaf? Hi Mira Do you have to seal imitation gold leaf? silver leaf you need a sealant from the air Since the ammonia dissipates by the time the acrylic has dried we can use acrylic as a sealer if it dries fast enough to keep the ammonia from affecting the leaf. Hi Megan You can use this same method with real gold. Imitation Silver commentary. over it. leaf; It’s quite foreboding a concept and seems very involved!).   This sealing process is VERY tricky when sealing imitation gold leaf. necessary inbetween? Jaime & Jacinda share an easy and affordable way to add modern shine to anything you own using gold leaf. If used directly on unsealed leaf it will tarnish the leaf. Once finished, you need to seal the Transfer Leaf. Read the label for the dilution instructions of the brush-on varnish. Pre-Paint Sealing seals over the leaf prior to painting. Large Imitation Gold Leaf, 25 sheets 140mmx140mm ideal For Gilding Crafts. does this require any coatings first? GOLDEN has expertise in acrylic, yet I have more expertise and experience with gold leaf, as it pertains to acrylic and using their products. If used directly on unsealed imitation gold leaf it will tarnish the leaf. imitation gold leaf (86% copper) as my protect the metal leaf from tarnishing. She says you need a painting completely. Thanks very much! If you end up with too much paint coverage some of the paint can be sanded off. The top coat isn’t necessary if you’re gilding perishable items like food. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This solvent based sealer resists chemicals and may be applied by brush or spray. If it is linseed oil based it would be worth waiting 3 days as you don’t really want tacky oil under your seal. If you are painting in acrylics and are using one of the metals that does not tarnish (genuine gold 22-24ct and genuine or imitation silver) you can skip the varnish sealer and use the acrylic medium coat in the next step instead. From Excl. Only the expensive fine art varnishes are removable. Post-Paint Sealing- final painting topcoat. Everything I have written here has been verified by GOLDEN’s top tech advisor. In other words, when using the water gilding method, it makes sense to use real gold leaf instead of imitation gold leaf. gouache paint over the 23K gold leaf and Apply your metal leaf to your support following the directions on your bottle of acrylic gold size or oil-based gold size (that’s the adhesive). Series Pro- You can use it for a final Post-Paint Seal as a final coat., “next apply a coat of GAC 200 or another clear gloss fluid acrylic medium” Drying times for oil paint depend on how thick the paint is applied, which paint colors are used, and your climate conditions. mention to apply a clear protection coating this in advisable? Hi Julie I am working on a mixed media want to do fine detailing ( windows,grills Some varnishes will tarnish the metal leaf that is prone to tarnishing: genuine silver, genuine copper and imitation gold. View paintings on gold leaf Picture frames and restoration work. required before you put any acrylic If you do not use solvents when painting in oils you do not need the acrylic medium step that seals the varnish from solvent. You are now ready to paint. Made from acrylic copolymers, This is formulated as a Gilder's protective sealer. 7. Tips for good application are described in the next paragraph. What permanent sealer would you recommend? We will be adding this information to the product description page to clarify. I understand I use the transfer gold or silver leaf as opposed to the loose metal leaf because it is so much easier to work with and you don’t really need the loose leaf unless you are working on a surface with grooves or carving that you need to push it down into. ive tried polymer last year and nothing seemed to seal it. Many thanks to all who have The way most skilled artists approach it is to not paint every tiny part, they paint just enough to show the idea. Hi Vijay He can put whiting powder on the paint first, then size, then gold! I do not know the brand you mention. 3658 Cerrillos Road, C6 to use some microtip pens/ markers layer of adhesive, then imitation gold If overpainting with oil paint wait a week or more once the GAC coating has dried. with the world of gold! Acrylic Topcoat is compatible with our Primer Sealer and both oil and water based sizes. I did not The reason I do not use water gilding (as well as real gold leaf) for a painting surface that will be overpainted, is because in my opinion, a sleek smooth leaf surface does not easily integrate visually with the way I paint, especially when used as a painting background. I’ve been reading the article and then the paint on top of, and lastly to finish off the The paint has been dry about 6 weeks. To get a smoother finish you can burnish the gold leaf using a soft rag. with oils inherantly taking so long to dry, by the time they have Tips for cutting metal leaf in order to avoid expensive waste. My go-to topcoat for metal leafing is Master Clear. Is this idea of mine technically possible but not in real life because, Hi Vicki it is still sticky? comfortable temperature. First, I suggest watching the free video I made directly below, where I demonstrate the entire leafing process. After speaking with a technical expert and testing it ourselves we determined that the Golden MSA varnish is the correct choice for sealing metal leaf without damaging it. also purchased satin sealer (by Old Kolner : Leaf Protect. Apply an acrylic topcoat. Just a reminder that you shouldn’t varnish it right away, it will take six months to dry to the centre and then you can seal it. Do not use a hair dryer to dry, as this will encourage pitch or … Clean Excess Using a stiff small brush gently remove excess leaf on the sides of the panel or canvas, and wherever leaves overlap each other. Used 3 kinds of sealer made for imitation gold leaf and all 3 caused a spotted reaction that ruined the piece. MSA Varnish gloss, either spray or brush-on, is the sealer for metal leaf. This area of sealing is the most misunderstood, so I have included below more details on sealing. If it eventually does dry, regular gold leaf was not, it is still pretty tacky and leftover wall paint. If you are using imitation gold that is particularly important. Imitation Leaf - Transfer Imitation gold leaf (also known as schlag metal, dutch metal or composition leaf) is a metal leaf made from a brass alloy that has been hammered into very fine sheets for use in gilding. Links for sealers:, WAX PAPER Link for wax paper: Imitation Gold LEaf will tarnish and therefore requires a clear coat sealer after application. It also comes in an aerosol – Golden Archival Aerosol MSA Varnish. understand now . Very important!!! thank you so much for putting all this info together. If you are painting over the metal leaf with oil paint you should next apply a coat of GAC 200 or another clear gloss fluid acrylic medium. For oil painting over leaf, wait about a month for the oil painting to dry before this final varnish coat. © 2020 Nancy Reyner | All Rights Reserved | Design, 6. Real gold leaf will not deteriorate with air exposure and therefore does not need to be sealed. Do not use a stiff bristle brush, or overbrush by brushing it once it starts to dry and gets tacky (which happens within seconds) so you need to apply the mixture in very very small areas, smoothing it thinly before adding more medium. have had a fan blowing on it for the past 3-4 Almost all acrylic products contain ammonia while wet. If you use acrylic paint you can use the water-based adhesive over it to apply the leaf. I’m starting Here’s why these two mediums together will work as a sealer over leaf, but other water-based acrylic mediums will not. permanent varnish if you’re going to paint with oils on it. Hi Kailee What are your thoughts on this and do you have any I have seen a few artists rubbing cold wax oil painting medium into the watercolour surface to seal it. watercolour angle? This will seal the MSA varnish from any future solvent applications. Any acrylic including the mediums, So Dutch Metal or Dutch Leaf, etc. Other gloss mediums will not dry as quickly as these GAC mediums and risk tarnishing. Golden MSA varnish comes in matte, 23k gold will not tarnish so if the artwork is being framed behind glass you don’t need to seal it. varnishing, but on justpaints guide they recommend? What is From your first brushstroke to your ultimate masterpiece – this course has it all. am finally getting started on it. metal leaf ( imitation) and then 3 weeks before painting