Visually, IMXER, I did not discern a difference. When they were first introduced they were very popular, but the first ones were extremely fragile - mostly the tips and especially the lighter weight rods. This change foretold of the impending introduction of GLX, Gary Loomis's crowning achievement. The IMX series is what made G. Loomis. hide. The G.Loomis IMX was an important rod during a period of technological transition. Good luck with the new rod. $369.99 . As I had problems with early versions, I inquired of G.Loomis and, when informed of the in-line transformation, replaced my #4 and added the 6 and a 9-weight. I can get my choice of GLX for $282.50 or a IMX for $196.25. I have several GLX's, a couple IMX's. $684.99 to $694.99. I did a fairly bad job of building the rod, but, in spite of that, it turned out to be a really fishing rod which I used on trout and even salmon in Colorado. The GLX was a game changer for me. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I’m kinda over crowding the boat with rods especially when my partner is also bringing rods lol. If you call before noon their time you'll have it by noon the next day. Still an awesome rod all these years later. Hang on to yours there getting harder to find. A functional double uplocking reel seat and wood spacer combine with a full-wells cork grip for a quality bottom end to the IMX Pro. More posts from the Fishing_Gear community, Press J to jump to the feed. Also the IMX series either fly rods or conventional gear rod they are light weight and have a nice feel in the tip. MBR 782 C IMX Just send the carcass back with the Fed Ex guy. These rods have full cork grips with fast actions for fishing virtually any style of bait, but primarily for topwaters, I had several from #4 - #9 with the light ones being preferred but found them to have slightly too soft tips...delicate, yes, but prone to collapse under power. Backordered. Nice gift and yes make sure you take care of it! The other plague with the early IMX was trying to find a straight one. best. Mainly use it with tubes ,etc. My favorite is the loomis pr844s glx. I actually prefer some of my older Mossyback series over the new IMX. They are just what the doctor ordered for bass, walleye and pike on the freshwater side and you'll find a number of ways to use them in light saltwater applications. 11. Technically, the IMX is probably the stronger rod because the. Adding the first ever woven carbon reel seat spacer and redefining the high modulus fiber with carbon scrim blank construction, GLX offered performance head and shoulder above anything that came before it. Some ten years or so ago, I purchased a "deluxe" kit from Cabelas for a 9ft 4wt fly rod for my first rod building project. My favorite is my 9'6" 6wt. It was one of the best models in the IMX line up. The kit and the blank are no longer available, but I wonder if it was actually an IMX blank. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. mean too much to you, the GLX series is slightly more sensitive. Western Portal Sequoia National Forest, Kern River. $419.99 . You will be completely. They charge you $45 shipping (don't ask how I know about this service). I have never fished the new IMX Pro rods, but I have fished the current GLX, the old GLX, and the old IMX MBR rods. The early ones used fiberglass scrim but lightly to keep weight and wall thickness down hence some elevated failure rate. Make Offer - G. Loomis Jig & Worm - IMX-PRO 803C JWR - Casting Rod | Same Day FREE Shipping G Loomis IMX-Pro Spin Jig Rod 722S SJR 6' Medium Spinning IMX-PRO722SJR Fast Tip $335.00 The IMX-PRO Casting Rod (CR) Series is a set of six foot rods that mimic our original bass rods from the very beginning of G.Loomis. Get the best deals on G.Loomis Walleye Fishing Rods 6' 6" Rod & Poles when you shop the largest online selection at With resin impregnated, "stabilized", wood reel seat spacers flat sanded, graphite gray blanks and black tipped gray wraps, these were handsome fly rods in a modern idiom. Bass casting rods designed for anglers that prefer our "Classic" Mag Bass actions. or Best Offer. $369.99 to $404.99. TROUT SERIES SPINNING RODS. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. I remember that it was a Loomis blank and believe it was an IMX. JavaScript is disabled. 8 - 14. It's kind of like fishing for bluegill with a bobber and red worms, but the current is a lot swifter, the fish report. I am a huge fan of the MBR rods in general, they really are a versatile as people say. The more popular models are available in GLX, IMX and GL3. I dont have a Loomis Fly rod but I do have a conventional gear IMX casting rod. ... G. Loomis IMX Classic Steelhead Drift Spinning Rod. save. 1 legend extreme, Several legend elites and a couple avids.1 cumara, 2 diawa compile x rods. Make Offer - G Loomis GLX Bass Spin Jig Rod 722S SJR GLX722SSJR 6' Medium Spinning Fast Tip G Loomis IMX-PRO 822S DSR 6'10 Mag-Medium Dropshot Spinning Rod Exta Fast Tip $325.00 If your looking for a stiffer rod, the Loomis STFR 1601 float rod is … Anyone have experience between the GLX and IMX rods? I cant say enough about how nice this rod it. Discussion. I’m looking at getting a few MBR rods and I’m curious what folks think about the two series. Backordered. FAST 'N FREE. That being said, previous to the Legend Tournaments, the GLX line was my favorite casting and spinning rod on the market. Full cork grips and fuji reel seats with Fuji K-frame guides provide positive grip and balance along with positive control. satisfied with these rods. G. Loomis IMX PRO 812C SBR Spinnerbait Casting Rod 6'9" Medium Ex-Fast. Adding the first ever woven carbon reel seat spacer and redefining the high modulus fiber with carbon scrim blank construction, GLX offered performance head and shoulder above anything that … Even today, a much refined, redesigned and re-engineered StreamDance GLX is a serious contender to consider when shopping for a new rod. Hardly. You must log in or register to reply here. There are three levels of graphite performance available in the most popular models, GL3, IMX and GLX. I still have IMX (late carbon scrim version) in 9'/#4 and 9 1/2'/#6. IMO it's at least as sensitive as my G.Loomis IMX rods, actually closer to GLX. That is a very good point! I have two Loomis rods, both GL3s. 1/4 - 5/8. 6' 6" 1. Incredible performance means extreme sensitivity, ultra-light weight, excellent balance and unbelievable power and strength! The IMX's are also beautiful, but I don't have as much experience with them. Fast. Blending hi-tech materials with innovative design, the G. Loomis IMX Pro Jig and Worm Casting Rods have achieved the impossible by creating a lighter version of the already airy IMX Series. It is soo much lighter, with lots of power when you need it. If you're worried about putting them in a rod locker, get some Stick Jackets rod covers. G. Loomis IMX Classic Steelhead Drift Casting Rod. While the high-dollar Asquith fly rods launched at last year's 2016 IFTD show, this year I attended the show launch of a new lineup that carries a much-less-scary price tag—the IMX PRO series. I was curious how the new IMXs compared to the GLX or IMX compared to GLX in general. Anyone have some info or history on these? $419.99 . $300.00. Moving up the rod, the IMX Pro adds a stylish, made in the USA quality, olive color blank. These are 6'6” and 7' casting rods, originally developed for longer casts applications. Spin/Cast Model Length Pieces Lure Weight (oz.) The IMX Pro is a nice step up from the prior generation IMX, and it's more important to have a quality rod you're comfortable fishing with (IMX) than a little higher quality rod you're uncomfortable fishing with (GLX). G.Loomis IMX CR723 6’ 5/16-3/4 Casting 1 pc 10-17 lb Fishing Rod ... G. Loomis Salmon/Steelhead Center Pin Rod STR1562 GLX (Newest Model) $599.95. All my others work well but are not … $480.00 - $490.00 G. Loomis IMX Pro Flip and Pitch Casting Rods I’m looking at getting a few MBR rods and I’m curious what folks think about the two series. G. Loomis IMX-Pro Blue Spinning Rod. A specialized series of spinning rods designed specifically for trout fishing. GLX vs IMX. Check out the brand new G. Loomis IMX rods just released for 2014. If the IMXs are 85-90% of what the GLX is I may go that route. Medium. As is the 10'/#9 which I disliked. The power/tapers are very close/identical across all three, so I would assume the same applies to the IMX Pro rods. Thanks for the information; all I remembered was that it was a Loomis blank. These were the first rods to employ carbon scrim. never notice. 8-) MBR 782 C GLX. Sure, they still where not the straightest or truest tracking rods in existence but GLX exponentially expanded all the great potential of IMX. However, I just pulled the #6 and it has this gold G.Loomis tag on the zipper of the Cordura case which reads, "FR1146 5/20/92". $20.00 shipping. Richard Post: The action of the NRX+ 1190 resembles the NRX+ 9-weight more than the 10-weight and reminds me of the GLX rods. The term MAG came from their magnum tapers that generate a lot of power and provide excellent fish-fighting capability. The IMX is mounted at a 90 degree angle, and in on the right side of the rod (however, this varies and I have seen them on both sides of the rod). IMX PRO MBR. I am thinking about hopping on the GLX. As one of the leaders in fly rod design, the Loomis crew is constantly innovating and delivering new products to the market. The GLX is my jig rod and the IMX is used more for my plastics but is a good jig rod also. Backordered. blank walls are slightly thicker, but that is a feature you will. Because the IMX Pro is a mid-priced rod, top-of-the-line componentry isn’t necessarily present in the chrome stripping guide and chrome single-foot guides. Sort by. IMX STEELHEAD FLOAT. Had several over the years, traded my 9' 4wt earlier this year and having regrets already. My earlier, glass scrimmed, #4 is sill in use, unbroken, by a friend. Anyone have experience between the GLX and IMX rods? As a top-finger guy, I prefer the classic cigar-style grip on a 5 weight rod, but to each his/her own. Using our proprietary ”fiber blend” and GLX levels of performance, our goal is to provide anglers with a ”sky is the limit” approach to the fishery. I remember buying a couple of IMX rods about 20 years ago, and the tip broke on each of them without major provocation. Coming from a Raven IM6, it is day and night. This is true, I was both a dealer and on the guide program back then. However if you found a straight one and it survived the first few trips, they were very nice fishing tools. Float fishing for steelhead is a very effective technique, especially when there are a lot of snags in the water or the fish are suspended. 0 comments. It works well with everything else to. G. Loomis IMX-Pro Blue Casting Rod. An in-line transformation was the introduction of carbon scrim (the material surrounding the mandrel to provide hoop strength prior to the lay-up of longitudinal carbon fiber pre-preg sheets cut into a flag or taper pattern). When replaced by seminal GLX, everything changed. I loved how they casted, but I hated their fragility. 100% Upvoted. share. Like Mike I use both for differant situations, but this is how I use them the most. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. I found some smoking deals on IMX and GLX Jig/Worm Spinning rods, so now I am picking between these two. A small mix of 842/843/844 is what I’m looking at. Thanks for mentioning it. However, if another $100 doesn't. Sure, they still where not the straightest or truest tracking rods in existence but GLX exponentially expanded all the great potential of IMX. This rod is certainly lighter in the hand than the GLX and is a much more castable rod than both the GLX and the NRX, but it still possesses that stout and solid feel that old school Loomis fans adore. GLX and above are where G.Loomis really shines. I added an 8 1/2'/#4 version to my quiver just this past spring and love it. I have around 10 or so combos right now and I’m looking to get down to 3-4. Not only are they great rods, but the best thing about them is the warrantee. Which is later than I would have guessed. G. Loomis NRX vs. IMX vs. GLX Rods - American Legacy Fishing I don’t throw as much anymore and I think I could cover everything well with these. They are nice rod but I recall that the earlier versions were fragile. As I wrote in my history report above, these were fine rods but Sage had introduced RPL(X) and then incredible GLX followed and we entered the "modern" era of graphite rods. They are light, sensitive and extremely accurate. Extremely lightweight, sensitive but a little difficult. G Loomis NRX 7 foot 1 medium heavy power fast action also known as the 853C JWR is the jig and worm casting rod from G Loomis. Line Weight Action Power Type Rod Weight (oz.) Give them a visa deposit for the value of the rod and they will fed ex you a new one, no questions asked. The 4-weight is eclipsed by several other rods and languishes retired but the #6 remains in active though infrequent duty. You can't beat that. I will be sticking with it for a while and would definitely suggest one. I should add that my GLX is a custom rod and the IMX is a factory rod. G. Loomis GLX Escape Travel Spinning Rod. Think functionality and purpose, not fine art. Many of these rods are suitable for light saltwater use. When replaced by seminal GLX, everything changed. If you break one, call Loomis. Also, I agree with Ken A, that the ew IMX series are not as sensitive as the older ones. Remember a date? The GLX Series continues to improve with the new G. Loomis GLX Flipping & Punching Casting Rods, which are now up to 20% lighter and better balanced than ever before.

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