Inch: Other; Length: 0.7500 inch; Metallic: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel Insulation Project Calculator ProPink vs Competition How to Install NAIMA R-Value Certification Product Training Videos CoLab® Learning Video Library For Pros Distributor Locator Why Owens Corning Insulation ProPink® vs. Spray Foam PINK® Fiberglas™ vs. Cellulose Professional Support NREL Thermal Impact of Fasteners, Related Content These insulation fasteners are specifically made for common joist spacing, that is, 12-16-18-20-24 inches, and can be used against several materials (wood, but also concrete or metal). Knauf Ecobatt R-49 Kraft Faced Fiberglass Insulation Batts - All Sizes $218.90. Blown-in insulation is installed with blowing machines, making it easy to add to areas like attics. 4-Install Insulation No waiting required. 3-1/2" x 15" x 93" R-13 E51 EcoTouch® PINK® Fiberglas™ Unfaced Batt Insulation with PureFiber® Technology - 106.56 Sq. The insulation supports are cut from carbon steel, spring wire for optimum flexibility and strength. Also known as roofing screws, these screws are long and made from hardened steel to fasten rigid insulation board to steel decking. Since 1993 Rodenhouse has been the leader in the manufacture of fastening systems for rigid insulation systems. Also space the fasteners properly, to prevent sagging. Thermal-Grip Impaling Fastener. Wherever insulation is installed in a building, it is very important that it fits snugly on all sides. Since 1993 Rodenhouse has been the leader in the manufacture of fastening systems for rigid insulation systems. Spacing of fasteners is as required to prevent sagging of the insulation, normally 12 inches (300 mm) to 24 inches (600 mm) apart and not more than 6 inches We package our insulation Ceiling insulation. Most of insulation comes in rolls or precut fiberglass batts. Also do not place them too close to the ends of the insulation material; place the insulation fasteners at least 6 inches from the ends. Also known as roofing screws, these screws are long and made from hardened steel to fasten rigid insulation board to steel decking. This is due mainly to the reduced wall cavity batt insulation thickness (R-12 in the steel stud wall) and the increased thermal bridging due to the steel stud framing. • Typical applications for GEMCO fasteners • For special applications requiring products of other sizes, materials, or configurations... please contact your GEMCO representative for assistance. They save you time and effort by drilling their own holes and fastening in a single operation. Description: These studs are primarily designed as welded fasteners to secure blanket and board insulation to metal heating and air-conditioning duct, ovens, tanks, boilers, and other hot or cold equipment. Batt insulation is available in widths of 12 inches, 16 inches and 24 inches, depending on the spacing between the roof rafters. You may use the friction fit method to hold the insulation in place. Issues like the number of rows of nails and screws or their cross-section vary according to specific conditions, the materials, the weight of the insulation material, the type of siding, the risk of tearing or even with meteorological conditions. Apply adhesive at temperatures above 40° F. ROCKWOOL™ Blanket (and Batt) Insulation Section 07 … Space the fasteners at least six inches from each end of the batt and 12 to 24 in. Fasteners can be a key element when installing blanket and batt insulation in underfloor spaces, or when installing rigid insulation panels or equivalent materials on basements or on exterior walls, or even when sealing and insulating ducts (mastic doesn't hold ducts together; we have to use mechanical fasteners to get it). We may ask ourselves: what’s the thermal effect of dozens of large nails, screws or other fasteners that penetrate insulation? Roof Insulation Attic Insulation Ceiling Insulation Fiberglass Insulation Batt Insulation Rigid Insulation Blowing Wool Bubble Wrap Insulation Spray Foams Fasteners Insulation Accessories Owens Corning FOAMULAR 250 XPS Insulation Board - All Sizes - 3/4 in Exterior wall insulation can involve rectangles of EPs foam and other less common products, which may involve special fastening systems. Insulation Stick Pins. When you use mechanical fasteners, you create a non-permanent joint. Rolls are good for filling in large areas and can easily be cut to size. Reisinh. Shop batt insulation and a variety of building supplies products online at Show more. Mineral wool or rigid foam board insulation are not expected to be left exposed to the elements. Plasti-Grip® PMF Plastic Masonry Fastener or foam fastener washer, is a plastic nail used for fastening EPS foam in PB EIFS systems, rigid foam insulation, and waterproofing drainage fabric into concrete or masonry block applications. Vendor Rodenhouse ... Thermal-Grip Impaling Fastener. Home › Fasteners. To fasten rigid insulation to metal studs, instead of plastic nails, builders use mostly sheet metal screws with rubber washers. F.For unfaced batt insulation, install with friction fit or retain in place with manufacturer’s recommended fasteners or mesh. Press the fasteners so they bow up gently against the subflooring without compressing it. Plain-back studs install with adhesive (sold separately) to uncoated metal, concrete, and masonry. Recommended load per anchor: 3lbs NOTE: Self Stick Insulation Pins need to be used in conjunction with Self Locking Washers (sold separately on site) *Self Stick Insulation Fasteners … Mineral Wool Insulation Johns Manville Mineral Wool batts are made of inorganic fibers derived from basalt, a volcanic rock and are enhanced with glass fibers.

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